Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prudentopolis Branch

Sunday, September 30, 2012
Entrance to the church

This was our first day at church and there were about 40 members and investigators there. 

Senior Primary Room
The range of activity in the Branch is varied just like it is at home and the knowledge of the members is widely varied also. 

Junior Primary

For this post is will simply give information about the church and we will tell about members as we become better acquainted with them. The church is a house that was converted and used as a school and then purchased by the church.

Relief Society Room

Proceeding down a very narrow hallway we find the Relief Society Room (kitchen) 

Young Women Room

and the Young Womens Room.
The door on the left is the entrance
to the Priesthood meeting room and
the window is in the chapel
(there is also a door in the chapel,
not shown)

There are several other rooms in the main building that are used as the Branch Presidency Office, storage and other classrooms. 

The Chapel

Next we proceed out the back to the chapel and one more classroom that  serves as the Priesthood Meeting Room.

The last feature is the "Salao de Futebol" that is in the back of both buildings.

Also not shown, because I couldn't open the door to the
storage room, is the Baptismal Font, which is a small,
plastic pool about 3 and a half feet deep and
7 feet in diameter that can be moved for the service.

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