Monday, January 21, 2013

One new waterfall and a previously visited one with more water

We had an outing with the Cordon family to see some waterfalls in the area. We revisited 2 that we had already seen and one new one. The pictures you see here are of one that was previously posted (Manduri falls) to show the difference that a "little"rain can make. Actually it rained very consistently for about 2 weeks and probably equaled several times our annual rainfall in Utah. 

The Cordons, Dallin, Sister,
President, Nolan, Hannah.
Manduri falls on our first visit.

After visiting Manduri and having lunch at the Recanto Rickli we were off exploring to find Salto São João. After parking and paying our fee to enter the gate we hiked about a kilometer to reach the falls. There were no guard rails at this one but they did have some very secure warning tape attached to the bushes and trees, which Sister Cordon promptly crossed for a better view down the throat of the falls.
São João overlook.

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