Monday, February 25, 2013

Youth Service at the Church

We had a service project at the church in order to clean up the area in the back which is a salon for futebol. Here we see Lua (non member brother of our newest Priest) running to help carry more branches that are being removed from the fence.

 Sister McKinney has cleaned up the entire length of the church property and it is a job much needed and well done. Her project included weeding the tree planter boxes and the street and also trimming the trees.
 Gabriel is seen here on the left cutting the grass which is really cutting the tops off the weeds since the grass really does not grow that much. This job was shared by Ezeqiel who is not shown in this picture nor any picture for that matter since he seemed to always be between projects. Actually Ezeqiel ended up doing quite a bit of work but he got a slow start when he couldn't decide which job he really wanted.
Elders Brooksby (red) and Bedford (blue) are seen here left of the goal pulling vines out of the fencing and to the right with the job is Leandro (Lua's brother and our newest Priest). In the foreground with the Beatles Abbey Road step is Juliano.

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  1. Wonderful pictures and wonderful stories. The stories of inactivity are dishearting but that's why there's missionaries out! You two will be blessed with all your good efforts. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! The Townsends. p.s. We love it here in Pleasant View, but do miss all our great friends and neighbors in A.F. Life goes on. We'll keep in touch.