Saturday, March 30, 2013

Travels to Two Wonders of the World - Part 2

Red heads

On the morning of March 21st, 2013 we again boarded a municipal bus for the 17 kilometer ride to Parque das Aves. We were finally able to place the sounds we so often hear with the birds that produce them. Located near Iguaçu Falls, the privately owned park featured birds flying in huge aviaries and subtropical forest mixed with butterflies, alligators, anacondas, and pythons. We were in such close quarters that several birds brushed my hair and my skirt at different times as they flew by. 
more red heads
Land of the Book of Mormon?



Beautiful colors
Well marked pathways among the flora and fauna. 
End of tour - time well spent!

Again - look at that color!

Look close! That is a hummingbird to the right. 
Unbelievable color!
Sister Davis had him eating out of her hand
The butterflies and moths were very comfortable with humans.

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