Friday, November 2, 2012

Is the water here clean?

Most of you know that I am a scrapbooker.  The pages below are the Creative Memories records I made of a Zone Conference Food Demo that John and I did.  We have had a lot of meetings in the first month that we were here.  One of our major expenses has been for bus fare to different towns to attend meetings for training -- the Elders have their bus fare paid through reimbursement from the mission but the senior missionaries do not.  

For most of these meetings they will call a day ahead and ask for me to play the piano for opening and closing song and John will give a talk or a prayer.  They also don't mind if I bring cookies.  For this particular meeting I took zucchini bread that was a real hit.  

However, the point of this blog is to share our more unusual assignment.  President Cordon called Sunday evening to ask us to talk about cleaning fruits and vegetables for the Tuesday morning Zone Conference.  We had received a communication from the medical missionaries about a problem that many of the missionaries were having with stomach aches etc.  The article attached to the e-mail was "Diarrhea & Vomiting: How to Prevent & Treat".  It was in both Portuguese and English.  So I began by copying the article for all the missionary houses to take home.  Then, after planning our strategy, we went to buy groceries and try to show, by picture, what to do.  I made a series of photo pages that we turned into a Power Point Presentation.  Below are some of the pages with only the English translation that I will put in my scrapbook.  I know that some of the words are too small to read here but if you really want to see them you can really pan in on them.  

Note: Bottled water is another major expense for us.  The missionaries are reimbursed if they will use the bottled water -- I suspect in an effort to get them to use it.  Again, it is an expense that Senior missionaries pay. Elder Een is one of the missionaries in our district and is currently serving in Irati.  He told me of an experiment he had done where he sat a bottle of tap water with a lid on it outside for a few days then went back to see some pretty disgusting things that had grown in the bottle.  I would think he is one of the few who turn in their reimbursement vouchers for bottled water.

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