Friday, November 2, 2012

Walking & More Walking

John and I are part of a walking mission.  No one has a car but the mission president and his wife, who I am sure put many miles on their car daily as they travel from zone to zone doing training almost daily. 
We have found that the branch records are a little spotty.  A young elder worked hard to get as much information as he could before he left on his mission several months ago.  Some of the house addresses here are out of numerical order so 532 might be followed by 564 and then 536 etc.  We find that some of the members are listed with addresses of their neighbors etc.  There are no children on the records. In an effort to find out how we can best help we are trying to meet everyone at their home and find out from them about their families.  The members are wonderful.  They are all very open and welcoming.  We are sad to find some in pretty poor conditions physically and others who have nicer homes that are alone because of the death of their spouse and working hard to make ends meet.  Several have grandchildren living with them because their parents work in the interior or because one or the other of the parents has walked out on the family.  Some young people are the only members in their family.

I have written the primary program for the branch as they have been waiting for the district primary to write it.  Since there hasn't been a district primary presidency for over a year---it hasn't happened yet.  I have also downloaded some of the scripture characters to use in lessons since they don't seem to have many supplies here and do not have a lot of training on teaching children.  They do however have strong testimonies.

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