Friday, November 2, 2012

We found a cemetery! Are my kids surprised?

Everyone who knows me well knows that I love the information found in cemeteries.  This Ukrainian Cemetery is at the end of the street that we were told one of the sisters lived on.  We did finally find her on November 1st -- one street over.  Since we had walked over a mile and it was the end of the road and again lunchtime, we stopped to look at this beautiful, well kept cemetery.  There are many European connections here and a gold mine of info.  I wonder if I can get the information extracted for use?  Maybe this could be a service project for the youth. 

I have tried to help some of the members with their family history.  Since my language skills are lacking I have mostly tried to supply them with information and access to my computer.  The nearest family history center is several hours away by bus ride and not very well equipped and open only by appointment.  In my searching on line I found a very good series on Brazilian research --- all in English.  It does not help them much.  I have also found that they hesitate to index because they don't understand the English descriptions.  Soooooo  I spent some time translating a four page handout for their use.  I learned a lot.  I hope they will too.


  1. I think I speak for all of us when I took you long enough! I expected to see something like this a while ago.

  2. Hey, I wasn't even looking for one. It was purely a coincidence. However, I have since met with a sister in the ward and dad talked her into the loan of her family history book. I just scanned 244 pages to make a record for her daughter and niece because the book is no longer available. I will also help them connect these names on new family search. So it begins....